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what do you understand by Blog?
A blog is derived from the word ''Web Log'' or is a short version of ''Web Log''. So, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, a blog or web-log is a website where a person writes regularly about recent events or topics that interest them, usually with photos and links to other websites that they find interesting. Also, blog is a kind of online version of either newspaper or magazine which may be updated on a regular basis with new information about particular topics. The information can be written by site owner or gleaned from other sites. Blog can cover many things like stories, events happening, breaking news, and business and so on.
Also, blog can be called an online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. In the previous section I talk about different ways of earning money online under poverty solution through online business.
Before I move further I will like to explain the difference between Blog, Blogger and Blogging. As I said earlier, blog is a websites where a person writes regularly about recent events or topics that interest them, while Blogger is the author of the blog or a person who owns, run and maintain the blog, and Blogging is the act of practicing or engaging in blog activities, WebsiteHub  You can also check these websites for more information and clarifications,StartAblog, 


Blogs are usually open documents on the web providing interesting opportunities to experiment for young’s people own recording of their involvement process. Session recording is a facility offering an interesting on-line version fro project workers and a regular youth work practice.

Blogging became the common way of expressing and communicating on the net, along with e-mail, chat rooms, message boards and instant messaging. 

The use of blogs was encouraged among young people and youth workers thus approximately 50% of all blogs was crated and maintained by 13 to 19- years- old. The space is available for personal use, free of charge and is not accessible to others without the owner’s permission to view it.

How to get started?

You need the diary, images, links to websites that people likes and links to other blog sites to attract visitors and create an interesting experience in a blog however, awareness of attracting unwelcome visitors should be observed properly treating any communication or contract from a stranger with extreme caution. HP is not liable for any contacts or communication connected with the use of web log.

How to blog in five easy steps?

1.         Sign-up for a weblog account. The easiest way of blogging is having an access to the different free web log publishing sites.

You can find them by typing ‘weblogs’ or ‘web logs’ into a search engine besides it is normally free and provides you with all the publishing tools needed like an area to type your text into before the blog goes live.

2.         Choose a name for your blog. To give your blogging site an interesting title, using pseudonyms that most people use is encouraged. It is also recommended to tell your kids not to put any personal details into their blogs for safety purposes.

3.         Create a weblog template. This is not a problem because the weblog publishing site made this very easy. Ranges of templates to get you up, running it as quickly and easily possible are provided however creating your own template is another option to choose from. This is often attractive to kids because they have the fun of choosing the colors, designs and type of fonts used.

4.         Start blogging. You can start writing after the template has been chosen. The fun part was you, your kids or whoever is blogging can write anything that comes to mind. It sometimes advised to write about their day at school if the kids are a bit stuck.

5.         Don’t just write. Remember blogging is not only writing down thoughts or descriptions of the day thus good blogs made links to other blog sites and interesting websites that suits your personality.

Kids could links to their favorite football team or band adding links to blogs set up by their friends. Among the bloggers, these links provide a real sense of community

Blog Platform
To start a blog, you will need a platform. This platform can either be freed or the one that require little cost. These platforms are;
·         Blogger

·         Word press

·         Tumbril

·         Wix.com

·         Joomla

·         Weebly

·         Squar Space

·         Medium and so on.

 From the definition of blogger above which I said the author of a blog is called Blogger. If you want to start blogging on a free platform, blogger is good for you.
To start with blogger, if you have already have a g mail account that is good for you, but if otherwise just open a g-mail account freely the way you use to open your yahoo mail.

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