I think it is very good to know the latest information about the DPR job and any other relevant jobs advertisement out there. But, before DPR job comes one need to be doing something to earn income, even if it is one Dollar per day. Or is it possible for one not to drink water or eating in a day. I think everybody knows answer to that. The moment you get out of bed, wash your face, Pure Water Companies will be counting on you and when you brush your teeth, Closeup, Colgate, OralB and Pepsodent will be earning on you. When you charge your phone,NEPA will be reading meter and your credit is going. When you move from your house to the office, Taxis,Danfo, Okada or Keke Marwa Owners will be counting their money through you. If you are driving , Filling Station Owners will be collecting their own share and when you check your Whatapp, Facebook, and others Social Medias and Telecommunication companies will be making money on you. So, any day you wake and before you get out of the house , you have already paid all those companies mention above something either big or small. You have already spent money, talk-less of the rest of the day. So if you are going to bed without making money , how are you going to foot all those bills? So, do something about your life today. Start thinking about how to make money everyday. Think residual income Here You can start with a small targeted amount and grow as you go. Start with something that will give you a little cash even if it is $5, $10 or #10, or more a day. It is better than going to bed without making even a kobo in a day. Put your faith into action , take risks and start making money online. Moreover, salary alone cannot solve your financial problems. You need secondary sources of income to balance. Salary is a medicine for managing poverty it does not cure cure it. Only your business or investment cures Poverty. Be financially intelligent....... Have a plan B. For more information kindly visits Residual income You can start small by first, getting a website for free or get a paid website. You can only pay small amount of money for the paid website; and not only pay you are still going to get x 3 of the money you use to get domain name and the hosting right. It is not a matter of telling lies. It is what I have practice, and if fetched me x 3 of the money I used to buy both the hosting right and domain Domain Name. The reason why I mentioned paid hosting is that you will have the free hand to control everything by yourself. Well, you might be thinking it is a lie, I thought as you thought then too. I said all the people that were talking about making money online were trying to make do with the little money you have, and run away with your money. One day I decided that I will give it a trial, the trial of that day yielded good result for me. So you might want to give it a trial you, I don't think it is bad. I believed that one cannot say that because he ate a food that is good today ; does not mean you will never taste food any longer. Also be reminded that It was the audacity of hope that made Barak Obama to be president of America then. So be persistent and determine. For more information about this domain name and hosting services you can check Here

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